Turn Your Webcam into an IR Spycam

Turn Your Webcam into an IR Spycam


Step 1: Cam Deconstruction


First you'll need to procure a Webcam that works with your Mac. Several of Logitech's QuickCam models fit the bill: The Zoom, Pro 4000, QuickCam for Notebooks Pro, and Orbit variants range from $79.95 to $129.95-but hopefully you have an old one in your closet. Opening the QuickCam is simple: Just remove the screw on the side, and then pry the body open at the seam. When the body splits, carefully pull the two halves straight apart to avoid bending or breaking the aligning pins inside. Set the screw and plastic body pieces aside for now, and carefully remove the circuit board, lens, and wires from the camera's body pieces.


Webcams all break down to a few basic elements: circuit board, image sensor, and lens.




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Video where you can view the transformation on a standard webcam:

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