Turn Your Webcam into an IR Spycam

Turn Your Webcam into an IR Spycam


Step 4: Go Nuts, IR Style


Carefully reassemble the camera, taking extra care not to jostle the lens too much and risk dislodging the new filter; also pay attention to the camera's USB cable, which will generally get in the way of your clean closure unless you position it just so between the two plastic shell pieces. Now that you have your badass IR cam, you can do stuff like study the veins under your skin or see what your patterned mousepad would look like sans pattern. Or you can get stealthy and buy some invisibile-to-the-human-eye IR lighting, which lets you capture a totally dark scene in glorious nightvision green.


D'oh! Mind the cable when closing up.




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Video where you can view the transformation on a standard webcam:

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