Create Your Own Time-Lapse Movie Challenge Winner

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Create Your Own Time-Lapse Movie Challenge Winner

Jarbas Agnelli gets around—and he brings his Canon 20D and a tripod with him. Time-lapse photography is a hobby for Jarbas, who travels regularly for business from his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to New York and Brazil. He created his winning entry, “Lightwaves,” using more than 10,000 still shots from a variety of locations (including Miami, Hawaii, and São Paulo, Brazil). Check out his winning time-lapse movie.





Judging for this challenge was tough, and we have two standout honorable mentions: John Purcell’s submission featuring a soothing skyscape was created entirely using the iSight camera on his MacBook Pro. And Thomas Douglas brought us a slice of middle America with three scenes from a Midwestern summer’s day. We wish we had three Pentax K10Ds to give away—we hope the runners-up won’t be too disappointed with their Mac|Life T-shirts.


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Absolutely wonderful! i could stare at this time lapse video for hours if it lasted that long. Stunning work!



This could have been in Requiem for a Dream.

Very awesome.


Sue Knopf

Where can we see the runner up time lapse entries?



f'n brilliant. squarepusher, chris cunningham & aphex twin would be proud.


Tom D.

I believe Jarbas created the music and effects himself. That would make sense to me, it would make it a lot easier to get the timing down just right.



WOW ! Great job!
How did you make the soundtrack sync so perfectly with the visuals?
For example, the airplane's headlights right in time with the sounds???

- DG


Jarbas Agnelli

All of the time lapses were done first. I had no control over the timing of action (airplanes, cars etc). Later, I created several instruments in Logic, using ESX24, made entirely of noises samples, some very short, other long sound drones that I made in NI Reaktor and recorded. With a different sound mapped to each key of my controller, I started messing around, experimenting, and recorded several passes of noises, looking at the Quicktime movie playing. Some timing adjusts later, I had this strange music, that sounds like coming from the movements of the lights.

It sounds complicated, but it's not.





Hi Jarbas,
Great work! Any special software used for the auto capture of the isight in sequence?




The videos are not playable on the iPhone and this comments page repeatedly crashes Safari on the iPhone.

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