Das iPhone, More iPhones on the Way and Hacker Finally Publishes Alleged Exploit

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Das iPhone, More iPhones on the Way and Hacker Finally Publishes Alleged Exploit


German iPhone: When the iPhone lands in Germany on November 9 it will offer visual voicemail, will be tied to the EDGE network for wireless Internet and, just like in the US and the UK, the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store will also be available.


Priced at €399 ($554) it will require a two year contract. The iPhone will be available through Telekom Shops and the T-Mobile web shop. Monthly charges and prices for the use of T-Mobile's extensive Wi-Fi coverage have not been released yet.


Considering the price of electronics of in Europe, will our Euro-friends be able to use an unlocked US version of the iPhone in their home country?


Double your iFun: With Steve hopping all over Europe planting iPhones like Johnny Appleseed, it's no surprise that Apple is reportedly planning to nearly double iPhone production.


Hacker publishes exploit: David Maynor, the hacker who claimed to have found an exploit that will allow the take over of a Mac with a wireless card, has finally published the details of the hack. Be prepared for the flame war in 3... 2...


Media giant loves his iTunes: Viacom head Sumner Redstone told a standing-room only crowd at Boston University that iTunes had "resurrected the music industry." Maybe Sumner should check with MTV, a subsidiary of Viacom, which uses Rhapsody as its download service of choice, before waxing poetic about Apple products.


Apple seeks to Burst.com's bubble: Apple asked that a lawsuit, brought by Burst.com, to be thrown out. The patent infringement case claims that Apple owes the company millions in fees for using its patented technology in the iPod. Microsoft settled with Burst.com for $60 million over the same patents in 2005.


Re-pay to play: Love your iPod games? Well if you've upgraded iPods you're gonna have to pay again to download them. An Apple representative has confirmed that the games were "reformatted" for the new iPods and will have to be repurchased for the new iPods.


Intel to launch Penryn: At the Intel Developers Forum, Intel announced that its Penryn chip will ship on Novemeber 12. Penryn is the next-generation Intel Core 2 processor that's fabricated using a 45 nanometer process. Could we see Penryn-based MacBooks and iMacs before the holidays? We doubt it. Apple took its time shipping Santa Rosa-based iMacs and MacBooks, so we think that Apple won't introduce Peryn-based Macs until after the holidays, probably at Mac Expo in January 2008. Intel also unveiled Nehalem, the processor that will follow Penryn next year.


And finally: Looks like the iPod is doomed. Engadget is reporting Zune 2.0 will be hitting the streets October 16th. Why is Mac|Life reporting this? So we can show you this comic. Enjoy.



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Just so people are aware, the linked comic (while funny) does contain a speck of language that some audiences (read: children/parents) might find offensive.

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