Dear Canada, We Have Good News and Bad News

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Dear Canada, We Have Good News and Bad News


First the good news: Word on the only road in Canada, is that Apple will soon introduce TV downloads to the iTunes Store Canada. The Canadian version is expected to include local networks CBC and CTV.


Now the bad news: Canadian brewer Molson apologized for offering the Apple iPhone as a prize in a recent contest. Molson claimed the iPhone would be launched by Rogers Wireless in January 2008. Molson spokesperson Marie-Helene Lagace apologized for the mixup, “The information published in our rules and regulations for our promotion turned to be mistaken. There seems to have been a misunderstanding with our agency.” Oops.


NBC and SanDisk?: NBC Universal is teaming up with SanDisk to release NBC Universal content on SanDisk's Fanfare service in January. The content will play on SanDisk's Sansa TakeTV device. Battlestar Galactica returns in March, so this is perfect timing.


Bigger and better: This year's Mac Expo is already shaping up to be the largest Expo ever. IDG reports that both the south and west halls of Moscone Center have sold out for the first time in Expo history. More booths means more free pens and keychains!


In stores now: Aspyr announced this morning that Guitar Hero III for Mac is in stores now. Time to blow off that lunch meeting and head on down to the local Apple Store or electronics superstore. Rock on!



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Roy Quinn

How about some FAIR news for Canada from Apple?
Our dollar is at par with the U.S. dollar.
Entry-level Mac Pro on U.S. Apple Web Store - $2499.00 U.S.
On Canadian Apple Web Store - $2799.00 Cdn. !
We're getting hosed! When will Apple address this?
I'm looking to purchase a new or newer Mac Pro in about 6 weeks.
Buying from a U.S. Ebay seller seems to be the ticket. I certainly will not buy from the Canadian Apple web site.
Ticked off Canadian consumer.




I feel for you too as a canadian customer.... but if you have been following apples prices lately..... anytime apple releases a new product they put the price at comparison.... i would imagine that there will be some releases at Macworld most likely the MacPro will be one of them.... and I would suspect that the price will be at par then....

I havent seen apple lower prices on any of its current stuff other then .mac

I would say its prolly because all the parts were bought by apple canada at the price and for them to lower the price they and any stores that sell these computers in canada would loose money on the sales..... it only makes sense to wait until the next iteration

but again.... as a canadian i feel for US


Partners in Grime

That's great! I've been eyeing the US iTunes TV offerings since cancelling my satellite TV subscription.

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