Updated: Debtinator 2.3.2

Updated: Debtinator 2.3.2

Debtinator is an intelligent debt re-payment application. It will re-structure your budget to pay down your debts in record time, with minimal impact on the rest of your life.


Everyone always has extra money left over at the end of the month that they didn't account for. An extra $20 here, an extra $35 there. Instead of frittering it away on pizza or another trip to the movies, Debtinator finds all of that excess cash that's lying around and re-allocates it towards paying down your debts. It's not like you'll miss it - you already set up your pizza and movie budget anyway. You're still going out, you're just not wasting excess money on it.


There's no big lifestyle changes, no tightening your belt (unless you want to), no sweeping changes. Just keeping better track of the money you have on hand to pay down your debts even faster. What could be easier? So order one less pizza this month, use this program, and potentially save thousands in interest. Give it a try!


REQUIREMENTS: Mac OS 10.4 or later


To download a shareware copy of Debtinator 2.3.2 (1.7MB), click here.




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