Demystify Your iTunes Album Listings

Demystify Your iTunes Album Listings

It was one of those questions that mocks you for wanting to ask it, its very simplicity daring you to seek help but the problem remained: whenever I chose a specific album to listen to in iTunes it’d always list the songs alphabetically. Which is not how the artist OR my encrusted memory ever had me enjoying the record. So privately, and fruitlessly, I tried. Shame was my handmaiden.


Enter: Susie Ochs, Mac|Life Managing Editor.


“Oh that’s simple: all you do is type in the name of the artist…”


So simple a child could have figured it out. A very, very, very smart and intuitive child, but a child nonetheless.



In this instance a band called Big Business.


“And when their song listings come up? Just click on Album and…”


Of course, I had stopped listening. I mean I was JUST about to try that.


Yeah. Sure I was.


No, really I was. Anyways, you click on Album and it de-alphabetizes them and lists them in the order that in this instance Big Business and, perhaps, God, intended.


See? Wasn't that easy?



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come-on? really now! if you have it sorted by name well then of course it does, but who uses that? sort by artist or album and the tracks will show up sequentially (assuming you have proper track numbers)

one other nifty trick is option-click on the arrow next to a selection, whether it be the artist or album name. this will result in a narrowed down selection of just that artists songs or just songs on the album, respectively. I use this constantly.

or click again... continue clicking on the album heading in iTunes and it will provide more sorting options like album year and album artist.



TNX to Hark; I've been fumbling my way thru iTunes because some of its 'intuitive' functions *aren't*, and the help instructions lead you back >= 5 topics. I wouldn't have had any clue to look for suboptions under Artist and Name.

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