Deskjet F380

Deskjet F380

This all-in-one's a small-in-one.


The Deskjet F380 is an inkjet color printer, copier, and scanner that'll save a ton of space on your desk, and its upfront cost is cheap. But make sure you hang on to the dollars you save - you're going to need them to buy extra ink.


Measuring 16.8 by 7 by 10.2 inches, the F380 is ideal for that corner spot on your desk - it's definitely a space saver. In fact, it's smaller than many inkjet printers. Leave ample space above the F380, because you'll need to lift open the scanner lid when scanning something.


The 4,800-by-1,200-pixels-per-inch printer uses two ink cartridges. For printing text and basic graphics, it has one tricolor cartridge (cyan, magenta, yellow) and a black cartridge. When you want to print photos, you can pop out the black cartridge and replace it with a three-color HP photo ink cartridge ($24.99). Using six colors gives your photos better color fidelity - but make sure you have some extra ink handy. The cartridges are rated to last 125 pages, but that can vary depending on what you're printing and what print quality you select. For example, we ran out of black ink after printing 154 pages of text at Normal quality; however, when printing 15 Keynote slides (each with a blue, full-bleed background), we ran out of cyan ink after only eight slides.


The F380 isn't fast, but you get what you pay for. It took over 10 minutes to print a 50-page monochrome text file - HP's rated black-and-white print speed of 20 pages per minute is for Draft quality. It took nearly 20 minutes to print our 15 Keynote slides at Normal print quality. The 1,200 dpi scanner took 24 seconds to scan a 4-by-6-inch color photo at 300 dpi - good speed. A color copy of an 8-by-10-inch page took 80 seconds; a black-and-white copy of the same page took 44 seconds. Not bad for such a mighty mite.


Text is not laser quality, but it's better than acceptable. Our color charts had nice saturation and vibrancy, and our slides didn't show any banding. In fact, our full-bleed slides didn't warp plain paper as badly as we've seen with other inkjet printers. And you definitely need to spring for the photo ink cartridge, because the color accuracy is much better than with just the four basic colors. Our photos looked accurate and sharp, though we noticed a slight magenta cast to them.

The bottom line. The F380 is a capable all-in-one for a single user or an office that has low-volume printing and scanning demands.

PRICE: $79.99
REQUIREMENTS: Mac OS 10.3.9 or later, USB
Small. Good print quality.
No duplex. No fax. You'll need to have extra ink handy. No PictBridge connector.






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Does no body want to do OCR scanning anymore?

Has Google scanned everything in the Universe?

These cartriges for ink make this printer unacceptable.

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