Destroyed: iPhone in a Blender and iPhone Nano Rumors; Revived: Mini MacBook Pro and New iPod Rumors

Destroyed: iPhone in a Blender and iPhone Nano Rumors; Revived: Mini MacBook Pro and New iPod Rumors

Don't try this at home - unless you're Steve Ballmer: iPhone mania seems to be fading a bit - but before you read our evidence of that development, take a moment to watch this short video from Blendtec's ongoing series, "Will It Blend?" Today's victim: the iPhone. Although this may be tech-desecration at its most violent, it's curiously satisfying after the past few weeks of all iPhone, all the time.


iPhone nano rumors debunked: We - and the rest of the known universe - reported yesterday that a less-expensive iPhone was in the works. Well, that "news" drove investors into a tizzy, boosting Apple's stock to an all-time high. Only one problem: JP Morgan, the source of the initial rumor, issued a more-skeptical follow-up, cautioning that "the potential for a low-end, subsidized phone from Apple seems unlikely in the near term." Philip Elmer-DeWitt over at Business 2.0 has a particularly nice summary of the whole kerfuffle. Remember the old saw: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


The iPhone backlash begins: Now that the initial iPhone orgy is over, some analysts are rolling over, lighting a post-orgistic ciggie, and divining the smoke trails. According to one "Wham, bam, thank you, Steve" analyst, the "iPhone lust [is] fading fast." Another cites a poll claiming to prove that the whole iPhone craze is creating "more buzz than buyers." Another tries gamely to counter complaints about the iPhone's battery - a media-fanned gripe-fest, to be sure. An admitted "Former CrackBerry Addict" pits the iPhone against his pocket email pal of choice, and finds it wanting. Over at Blackfriars Marketing - the team that has been carefully tracking the ebbs and flows of the iPhone media flood - cooler heads prevail. In their dissection of "iPhone disinformation", they sum up their response to the chorus of iPhone complaints thusly" "And so what's the prescription? Add power-sucking 3G service, cut the price so Apple doesn't make as much profit, and make the device more bulky to beef up the battery. I'm glad these guys aren't running Apple -- if they were, it would be Motorola."


Mini-MacBook Pro rumors a-bubblin': Now that the iPhone has moved from rumor to reality, its time for we rumor-lovers to turn our sights - sites? - elsewhere. For example, remember the recent rumors of the mini-MacBook Pro? They're back, this time in more detail. We're jonesing for such a mighty mite, ourselves, but our money is on an after-Leopard release, since we assume that the OS updates needed to run a flash-memory hard drive (or a hybrid flash/traditional drive) won't appear until that cat's uncaged.


Rumors of new iPods get stronger: Rumors of a phone-less touch-screen iPod are making the news, as well, this time with ship dates attached, fueld by reports of orders for iPod touch screen panels. Perhaps when it ships the line will include the rumored Yellow Submarine 'Pod - it'd be nice to have a copy of that film pre-loaded, as well, wouldn't it?


In other news: Despite the fact that developing apps for the iPod is no easy slog, thanks-but-no-thanks to Apple's restrictions, developers are still giving it their best shot, with the list of available apps growing daily. One intrepid analyst develops a semi-pseudo-scientific method of discovering "Who makes the best hard drives?" An almost pathetically fake Chinese iPhone photo is making the rounds. According to AppleMatters, "The OS Wars Are Back." And finally, even if Mac OS X has "100 bugs," it seems that "Apple users are far safer from attack than users of Windows." Sorta gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling, eh?




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