DiscLabel 4.1.2

DiscLabel 4.1.2

DiscLabel has more design tools than your typical disc label software.


Label your CDs and DVDs like a pro.You put a lot of effort, time, and consideration to make that music mix CD for your sweetie or BFF, so don't ruin it with a Sharpie and illegible scrawl across the top. For about $33, DiscLabel makes it easy to create professional-level labels for your discs.


You can start with one of the 68 premade templates, which use attractive designs and text, or create your own design from scratch with a blank template and your own elements. If you don't know what you want, the DiscLabel Random Design Factory feature throws together components from various templates to create new combinations of patterns and text.


DiscLabel's real power is in its editing tools. Our favorite feature is the use of layers, à la Photoshop. Layers make it easier to manage elements, and you can have as many layers as you want. However, if you have too many, it can be difficult to find the precise layer tab you need. We also like how the text tools let you import tags from your files (provided your files have such tags that you can enter in iLife - more on that in a sec) and align the text vertically, horizontally, or in a circle.


The app makes it easy to create disc labels based on your iLife content. For example, the software can tap into iTunes to create song lists from your iTunes playlists. If you're making a CD of photos, DiscLabel can create a list from an iPhoto album, or even use an image from iPhoto as the background image for your label. It can also create labels for your iDVD projects.


The bottom line. Go ahead, let your Sharpie dry out. DiscLabel is a great way to put the finishing touch on your homemade CDs and DVDs. Oh, and you can download a demo copy of DiscLabel from the MacLife.com Software Vault - just click here.


CONTACT: www.smileonmymac.com
PRICE: $32.95
REQUIREMENTS: Mac OS 10.4 or later
Easy to use. LightScribe support. Smart iLife integration. Universal binary.
Layer tabs need better organization.





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