Call colorful attention to your 'Pod's clickwheel.


The disko elicits two distinct reactions: You either think that the LEDs within the polycarbonate case that encircle the iPod clickwheel are cute, or you giggle at them and squeal, "How cheesy!" Give the disko a good tilt to start the light show - the LEDs are motion activated, and there's no connection between their behavior and the rhythm of your music.


The case provides good protection, covering everything except the clickwheel, hold switch, and earphone jack. The dock is covered by the battery compartment, which holds a pair of 3-volt lithium coin-cell batteries for the LEDs. That means you have to remove the case to dock your iPod.


The bottom line. If you love light shows, then the disko is for you.


COMPANY: Griffin Technology
CONTACT: www.griffintechnology.com
PRICE: $29.99
Good iPod protection.
Blocks iPod’s dock.





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