DLO TuneStik

DLO TuneStik

With the TuneStik strapped to your steering wheel, iPod control is just a thumb away.


We’ve seen - or been - this guy: the driver at a stoplight who’s not paying attention when the light turns green. He (or she) isn’t paying attention because he’s too busy doing something else - like trying to switch tracks on an iPod. That’s the problem with using your iPod in the car: Your iPod and its clickwheel demand your full attention.


Enter the TuneStik, which puts the basic track controls (rewind/previous track, fast-forward/next track, play/pause, and volume) on a remote control that fits in a cradle that attaches to the steering wheel, putting the controls at the tip of your thumb. Best of all, you can push the control buttons without ever taking your eyes off the road.


For the remote to work, you have to attach the TuneStik receiver/FM transmitter to your iPod. It’s about the size of a USB flash drive, and it plugs into your iPod’s dock. DLO thoughtfully added a pass-though dock, so while the TuneStik’s attached, you can still dock your iPod to your Mac, connect it to your existing iPod car dock, or attach a charger. You can remove the remote control from the cradle, use the FM transmitter to broadcast the iPod music to a nearby radio, and use the remote control for volume and track changes.


The FM transmitter works, if you can find a clear, unused FM frequency. In the San Francisco Bay Area, where we tested the TuneStik, that’s a big “if.” The FM dial is quite crowded in our area, and all four of the default presets on the TuneStik were filled with interference. You can add your own stations to the TuneStik, and eventually we found a frequency that still had some interference but didn’t completely overpower the iPod’s audio.


The bottom line. Thanks to the TuneStik, we feel a lot safer using our iPod in our car. If only there were a way to overcome the FM interference with the transmitter - besides moving to the boondocks.


CONTACT: www.dlo.com
PRICE: $59.99

REQUIREMENTS: iPod with dock connector
Combo FM transmitter and remote control. Handy steering-wheel cradle.
FM radio activity in your area will affect the clarity of the TuneStik’s signal.





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