Docking Station for the Ultraportable MacBook, Blu-ray in your Mac, Changing Keyboards, and More

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Docking Station for the Ultraportable MacBook, Blu-ray in your Mac, Changing Keyboards, and More


Remember the Duo Dock? Well, maybe the timing just wasn't right. But this new patent hints at an iMac-like docking station with a slot to fully load a MacBook into the side. So you get a portable computer and a desktop setup together -- to save all that syncing. Of course, current MacBooks are probably too big for this, so it must be intended for everyone's favorite rumor, the new Apple subcompact notebooklet, or whatever they're going to call it. Oh, and we also heard a rumor that the subcompact might have an Apple-branded external optical drive, although that sounds to us like "a third-party opportunity."


More patent fun! Apple also applied for a patent for an OLED keyboard, where the keys are illuminated by organic light-emitting diodes, and thus could change appearance based on what app you're working on. Kind of like the announced-but-not-yet-available Optimus (the keyboard, not the Transformer).


Cut and paste, finally? We already reported the rumor that iPhone firmware version 1.1.3 will add all kinds of sweet new functions to the iPhone. But now we're hearing that it may contain the holy grail of missing iPhone functions, too -- cut and paste! That would be rad. Cut and paste, please! Oh, here's the patent application for it. Because everyone hearts patents.


One more rumor: We may get Macs equipped with Blu-ray at the Mac Expo as well. It's about time.



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Think Secret you guys are not. All of a sudden you want to be a rumor site? What's with that? Maybe concentrate on better issues than what might, maybe, who knows, come out. Unless you guys have hardcore news breaking info don't bother. It just cheapens the rest of your stuff.
Thank you



I enjoy reading about gadgets that Apple may or may not come out with. Even though some of the things (like the 800,000 volt taser thing) never happen, it is still cool to see what might be a real gadget.


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the keyboard, not the Transformer

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