Does anyone make a PC Card-to-ExpressCard adapter?

Does anyone make a PC Card-to-ExpressCard adapter?


The link between old PC Cards and the new(er) ExpressCard slot.


We could find only one company with a PC Card to ExpressCard adapter, but the DualSystems DualAdapter hasn't been released yet. It's "currently under test." Keep your eyes peeled for it.


Why aren't there more of these kinds of adapters? PC Cards and ExpressCards don't have compatible interfaces - it's more than just the simple number of pins each connector uses. According to the Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA):


"The PC Card interface uses either an ISA-based 16-bit or PCI-based 32-bit parallel interface through a 68 contact pin-and-socket connector. The ExpressCard interface uses high-speed PCI Express or USB 2.0 serial interfaces through a 26 contact high-performance beam-on-blade connector. These technologies are not compatible with each other, and moving forward to the high performance, compatibility and cost savings of these modern interfaces unfortunately required sacrificing compatibility with the older PC Card Standard."


So a new technology replaces an old one, without backwards compatibility. Grouse about it - we'll understand - but it's nothing new in the world of tech.




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