Down with Copy Protection, Linkin Park in the Big Apple, Multi-Touch Patents, and More

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Down with Copy Protection, Linkin Park in the Big Apple, Multi-Touch Patents, and More


DVD Jon, at it again: Famed enemy of DRM "DVD Jon" Lech Johansen launched DoubleTwist, an app that converts protected AACs purchased from iTunes to unprotected MP3s quickly and without losing much quality. You can also sync songs between multiple devices. It's a free app, but so far only for Windows, although a Mac OS X version and web-based app for iPhone are expected later this year.


Speaking of breaking copy protection: HandBrake was updated to version 0.9.2. This Leopard-only release packs support for the new Apple TV Take Two and the latest iPhone and iPod touch firmware, among other changes.


And speaking of the Apple TV Take Two: Here are a few mini workarounds for the 24-hour iTunes Movie Rental rule. (Cheaters.)


Streaming video coming to the iPhone? The BBC has announced that its iPlayer service will come to the iPhone and iPod touch soon. This service, which lets users catch up on the previous week of BBC television shows, usually streams over Flash, but will stream to the iPhone and touch over Wi-Fi as H.264.

More Apple event rumors: So now this rumored Apple event is rumored to be in New York City, and Linkin Park claims on their blog that they're playing it. Even the New York Times wants to know what's up. We still haven't heard anything official from Apple.


Multi-touch patents: Apple patents point to multi-touch trackpads in future notebook models, with even more advanced gesture support than we see now in the Air, iPhone, and iPod touch. We love the MacBook Air's ultimate genius trackpad of the future, and hope to see it spread to all Mac notebooks post haste.


Alternative to Exchange: If you've got a mixed-platform small business, check out Kerio MailServer 6.5, a CalDAV server that lets users choose their preferred mail and calendar apps, including Outlook, Entourage, iCal, and multiple smartphones.



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