Dr. Bott T3 Hub

Dr. Bott T3 Hub


The MacBook Air comes with only one USB 2.0 slot, and that might be a problem if you want to use multiple USB devices. You need to use a hub, and fortunately, the T3 Hub is small enough to fit in your pocket.


The T3 has three USB 2.0 ports. They’re all powered ports, too, and the T3 doesn’t require a separate power adapter; the T3 draws power from the USB port it is connected to. We were able to connect a bus-powered hard drive and a flash drive to the T3 without a hitch. Dr. Bott also includes an extended USB cord, in case the hub gets a little crowded.


The bottom line. The T3 is an ideal MacBook Air companion. It’s much easier to carry than your standard USB hub.



CONTACT: www.drbott.com

PRICE: $19.99


Small. Powered USB hub.

Nothing, really.





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So the perfect USB Hub won't even work without a USB extension cord?



To the reader above: where in the review does it say it's "perfect"? And it's obvious to me that you use the extension cord if there's something obstructing the hub. Did you RTFA?

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