Drag and Drive

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Drag and Drive

Maybe you prefer the scenic route


The Thanksgiving weekend is coming up and that can mean only one thing. Mind-numbing traffic.


Google Maps can be a life saver when you're trying to find your long-lost Aunt Jan's house. The only problem is, Google Maps chooses the most "recommended" route to your destination.


If you have a special route that bypasses the majority of the traffic, the last thing you need is to be pointed right into the belly of the beast. Fortunately Google maps allows you to drag your route to your favorite roads.



Select a point in your route that you want changed and drag it to the correct road. The remainder of your route will adjust to the new route.


Goodbye traffic, hello pumpkin pie.



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Does anyone know how to allow for draggable markers in google maps that will be draggable OFF the map. We are trying to drag and drop the markers off of the map. Despite all of our javascript knowledge and tricks we can't get it to work.free ipod music downloads



Is this software available for the iPhone too. Because if it si so than i will made the ipod download of the software and run it on my iPhone.

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