Drop Slow iPhone Data Plan

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Drop Slow iPhone Data Plan


If you find yourself using Wi-Fi far more than EDGE to find the nearest calamari den, AT&T could be giving you the option to drop its slow data service from the iPhone.


While the cost benefits may be trivial, perhaps a mass exodus from the EDGE network will be the push Apple and AT&T need to add 3G to the iPhone.


We haven't tried this, so proceed at your own risk. This my be an error on AT&T's part.


Go to your AT&T account page, choose to remove your current data plan and bam! You're data plan free. Choose a text messaging package if you plan to continue sending text messages.


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I have plans to overthrow the government. Sorry I can't use AT&T.



I half way think that this is awesome. The other half is a bit pissed-off because I was in the market for a cell-phone a bit after the iPhone was released. The only thing that scared me away was the nasty/high AT+T plan. If I could drop the EDGE from the plan, it would compete with my current
T-Mobile setup.

For now, if I want a multi-touch device, I'll stick with the iPod Touch. It's pretty much obvious that 99.9% of the iPhone's capability will be 'brought up the well' and ported to the Touch when the SDK is released in February. iChat, Mail, Maps; Check, Check, and Check...



You can actually have iPhone apps on your touch already. I have google maps, mail, stocks, weather, and even "finder" along with a snip load of other apps including games. I hacked the iPod Touch using a program called "Jailbreak" to hack it. Check youtube for video tutorials on how to do this. You will actually have to downgrade your firmware version from the current 1.1.2 to the previous 1.1.1 there are also video step by step tutorials on how to do this process. Goodluck hope I helped.

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