Resist the attractive price of this 10-megapixel camera.


Any digital camera expert worth her salt will tell you that more megapixels doesn’t necessarily mean better image quality. In fact, it’s not unusual to find a super-megapixel point-and-shoot camera that produces noisy images—pictures with a grainy look. But you can’t help but be seduced by cameras with 8-, 9-, or even 10-megapixel sensors, because after all, isn’t more better? Even the camera companies admit that more megapixels doesn’t mean better image quality, but they lose a competitive edge if they don’t use 10-megapixel sensors.


Take the DXG-110. Not only does it boast a hefty 10-megapixel sensor, it costs just $170, a price that can’t be ignored. It even looks and feels like a solid camera. The seduction ends, however, when you start taking pictures. You end up with results you can’t show to anyone—our images were marred with overblown highlights, a noticeable lack of sharpness, colors that were missing punch and saturation, and more noise than a monster truck rally. Any adjustments we tried to make didn’t help.


Maybe you’re willing to put up with the poor image quality to save a few bucks. Your next hurdle will be the DXG-110’s quirks. For example, when you change the flash modes, the 2.5-inch LCD screen blanks out and the camera is unresponsive for two (long) seconds. Don’t think that’s long? It is if you’re rushing to capture that spontaneous shot. Then there’s the lack of scene settings common in cameras to help set your camera properly. Finally, the camera’s noisy motor may not be a nuisance, but it certainly reminds you how lowbrow the DXG-110 is.


The bottom line. You can easily find a 7-megapixel camera for under $200 that will produce stunning images. If you have your heart set on 10 megapixels, save your pennies until you can afford the $300 or so to get a good one. Don’t just settle for the DXG-110.



CONTACT: www.dxgtechusa.com

PRICE: $169.99



Unacceptable image quality. Quirky.







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