EarthDesk 4.0

EarthDesk 4.0

EarthDesk replaces your Macintosh desktop picture with a stunning dynamic image of our planet continuously updating in the background while you work.


With an internet connection, EarthDesk displays real-time global cloud cover, allowing users to track hurricanes and typhoons, or simply admire our beautiful planet.


User options allow you to adjust the overall transparency of the cloud layer. Unique to EarthDesk is accurate rendering of moonlight on the Living Earth satellite map.


To create this stunning effect, the phase of the moon and reflectiveness of the Earth's surface are used to determine correct coloring of the image, ensuring a realistic view of the Earth from space.


REQUIREMENTS: Mac OS 10.4 or later, QuickTime 6.5.2 or later


To download a trial copy of EarthDesk 4.0 (5.7MB), click here.




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This is visibly a demo. You need to purchase a license (about $12.95) to remove the "NOT LICENSED Evaluation Use Only" text slapped in the center of your desktop.

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