Editor’s Blog: Leslie Hopes to Achieve Better Living Through Shareware

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Editor’s Blog: Leslie Hopes to Achieve Better Living Through Shareware


2. Who Said This? (free)

I love a witty or pointed quote. What's even better is knowing who spoke or wrote it. This freeware app quickly made me feel stupid (I rarely guessed the quote's author correctly). But it's nonetheless enjoyable.


Will Rogers! I should have known.






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Clint Bradford

MaxMenus and Overflow have simplified and better-organized my MacBookPro, Leslie.

MaxMenus is a Preference Pane program (http://www.proteron.com) that places small, colored buttons in each corner of your display. What occurs with each of the four when clicked is very customizable - but I have stuck with the deafults: TopLeft = List of Applications; Top Right = Active Programs; Bottom Left = Recent Documents; and Lower Right = System Preferences. There are scores of options.

My Dock was getting full and sometimes confusing. Overflow (http://www.stuntsoftware.com) is, for me, one of the "cleanest" menu grouping utilities. It resides as an app in your Dock, but click on it, and you are able to customize groups of apps, docks, and/or folders to your liking. For example, my Overflow menus are "Internet," "Imaging," "Utilities," and "Recreation." Each of those sub-menus just happens to contain 12 choices each - but that number is, of course, customizable for each menu.

I haven't even scratched the depth of options for these two enhancements.

Thanks for this opportunity!

Clint Bradford,
Mira Loma, CA


Leslie Ayers

I'll definitely check those out. Both seem very useful! (And I'm freakishly obsessed with keeping an uncluttered dock and desktop, so they're both right up my alley.) You might also stay on the lookout for an upcoming how-to screencast that Rik did where he explains how to add a My Apps folder to the dock so you can de-clutter it. Thanks! ~Leslie

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