Editor's Blog: 10 Things Leslie Does on Her Mac That Make Her Smile

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Editor's Blog: 10 Things Leslie Does on Her Mac That Make Her Smile


Believe it or not, I could have made this list longer. But I need to finish this blog post today (plus we're shipping the May issue, so it would look really bad if I neglected to proof pages because I'm too busy having fun on my Mac). If you're left wanting more, be sure to catch our May 2007 cover story, which will bring you 50 cool things you can do with your Mac or iPod, from dawn until dusk. (The May 2007 issue starts shipping to subscribers in late March and hits newsstands in early April.)


But until then, here are 10 things I've been doing on my Mac and iPod lately that have brought me great happiness:


1. Replacing the standard OS X icons with custom ones.


How freakin' adorable are these custom icons?


I know there are lots of websites out there that offer icons for Mac OS X. But my hands-down favorite is Pixelgirl Presents. She (I assume she's a she) has an amazing collection of icons, desktop images, and other graphical goodies on her site. Many are free; most are mind-blowingly well-done. She also runs a little store that sells an array of pop and modern art-y goods like crocheted iPod covers and a lamp with a shade that looks like flower petals.


I just replaced a bunch of my regular system icons with Felt Critters (top) and What Whats (bottom).


In case you're not into colorful felt...




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I remember moving from seven years of Windows to my iBook G4 about two years ago (right before macbooks came out, great timing, eh?), and I must say that while I agree with you that iChat is cool looking I hate it even with chax. Chax makes the program bearable but from day 1 I've been with adium and aside from the fact that it doesn't like transferring files with friends who use trillian on windows, it's golden in my book. Great article none-the-less though; looking forward to the rest of the list come the May issue.



OK...you can backup using a terminal command (see #6)...how do you restore? If you do experience a hard drive crash, do you just re-install from your restore DVDs from Apple and then copy everything back from the external drive? I was considering buying a commercial third-party backup app, but your tip might be worth considering.


Leslie Ayers

Yep, you've got it. Of course, to back-pedal a bit, commercial backup utilities have much more complex (and probably more robust) ways of letting you restore all your apps and data should your main hard drive fail. But, as you can tell, I am a cheapskate, so I like doing things for free. ~Leslie





Leslie - OK...went through your command and I think I understand how it backs up. I've been using something called RSyncX - which does what your terminal backup command does, and then a little bit more. With your command, I would have to use a similar SUDO RSYNC command to sync from the backup volume back to my main volume to recover:

sudo rsync -aE --delete --progress /Volumes/name_of_backup_location/name_of_folder ~

I was thinking of using a third party program, mainly so that if something does go wrong (which according to Murphy's law will) I can have some "assurance" that my backups can be restored. I've used RsyncX (http://archive.macosxlabs.org/rsyncx/rsyncx.html) for 2 years now and have never had a crash, but I've had to boot from the backup before, which RsyncX allows you to "bless" it from the program. But since you are a terminal fan, maybe something like this:

sudo bless -folder /Volumes/name_of_backup_location/name_of_folder






This is a fantastic article! I've been trying to find the proper approach for telling my girlfriend that she should consider switching to Mac, despite the fact that her work software is Windows only. This is it! THANKS! PS ~ love those icons!



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