Editor's Blog: "Get a Mac" Spoofs That Roman Likes

Editor's Blog: "Get a Mac" Spoofs That Roman Likes


A few days ago, Susie passed along this Get a Mac parody with South Park characters. The other night, I saw another Get a Mac parody on Late Show with David Letterman.


Parodies of Apple's ad starring John Hodgman and Justin Long are all over the Internet. There's even a Web site called Mac Spoofs dedicated to documenting the Get a Mac spoof ads. Most of the spoofs make fun of the Mac. Some are clever and well done. Others are just plain bad


Here are some Get a Mac spoofs I find entertaining. Also, be sure to check out the Get a Mac ads in Japan and the UK. If you have a spoof you like, tell us about it in the comments section.


Late Show with David Letterman

This spoof features Chris Elliott as Mac and Gerard Mulligan as PC. The Late Show has actually done several Get a Mac parodies, including this one and this one. But I like the one featured above because it perfectly represents what a lot of Windows users think about Apple's ads.


Novell Linux

Novell thought it would be novel to insert Linux into the commercial - and Linux is an attractive brunette. This is one of three ads Novell created (here's the first one and here's the second one. I actually think these ads are lame, but I like the one above because it highlights the fact that you can run Linux on your Mac hardware if you want.



(Warning: This clip contains adult language.) While this one makes fun of the Mac gaming market, it's true in many ways. TrueNuff has a bunch of Get a Mac spoofs, some of which are OK, but most of them are too long. If you want to make a spoof, stick to 30 seconds - that means you need to tighten up your script. That's part of the reason why the Apple ads work; clever and amusing within the 30-second limit.



For the truly geeky to appreciate. This video touts Ruby on Rails over PHP. Don't know your Ruby on Rails from your PHP? Then you're not a Web programmer. And yes, people do get passionate about such things as Web programming.




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