Editor's Blog: iPhone Performance, Pundits, Porn, and More

Editor's Blog: iPhone Performance, Pundits, Porn, and More


Yesterday I wrote about the disappointing fact that the iPhone has been linked to (and limited by) Cingular's pokey EDGE data service. Today I discovered a couple of EDGE versus EV-DO charts - one showing the sad laggardliness of EDGE in download performance, and the other showing even more-depressing upload performance.


Now, I have no way of verifying these test results, so I can't vouch for them, but I have heard enough anecdotal evidence to say that their general conclusion - that EDGE can't match EV-DO - is spot on.


In other iPhone news, take a moment or three to check out the YouTube videos of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and professional curmudgeon John Dvorak as they give their snippy opinions of the iPhone (especially its keyboard), then read what long-time Mac fanatic Andy Ihnatko has to say about its keyboard: "the iPhone's virtual keyboard is a huge improvement over the mechanical thumbpads found on the Treo and any other smart phones of its size." The difference between Andy's opinion and Steve 'n' John's? Andy has actually used the freakin' iPhone!


All this media brouhaha inspired the good folks over at Roughly Drafted to roughly draft a somewhat rambling but frequently amusing comparison of the press received by the Zune and the iPhone - check it out.


The iPhone, however, won't be the first touch-screen phone to hit the market. That'll be LG Electronic's "Prada" phone, which is scheduled to ship in February. The phones have similar touch-screen controls, but - of course - the iPhone is based on the elegant and powerful Mac OX S, and the LG phone - of course - isn't. And this wouldn't be the litigious 21st century if some folks weren't already talking lawsuits.


In other news: There are rumors that Apple may open up its FairPlay DRM; Apple developers have just received a new Leopard seed; Apple has dropped its fee for unlocking 802.11n in recent Macs from $5 to $2 (and has explained why they feel they have to charge anything at all); Motorola has put Linux on a mobile phone (and is laying off 3,500 unlucky Motorolians); it's Lisa's 24rd birthday (that's all?); there are reports that net neutrality is "Far from a Done Deal;" Apple is selling scads of new Apple TVs; and HD DVD was just handed a tremendous advantage in its battle with Blu-Ray to become the high-definition video standard: Sony announced that it won't allow its disc-replicating service to handle porn - but maybe they'll reconsider when they learn how quickly the teledildonics industry is taking off (oh, and if you're offended by "adult" content, you might not want to click on that final link).




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Lately Apple has been the piƱata at a kids' party, getting battered around by a mob of overexcited pundits critical of the company's iPhone and its App Store policies. Bloggers have denounced Apple's authoritarian style, which they view as arrogant, anti-competitive, anti-consumer, heavy-handed, hypocritical, monopolistic, and, well, just plain rude.wow nude



whatever happened to the origami project? i wonder if they're going to scrap it when the iphone reaches it's second production cycle.



I see alot of talk about EDGE vs EVDO on US Apple sites and for good reason. EVDO is faster and as far as I know the coverage in the US is better with EVDO.

The problem is, EVDO is pretty much limited to the US. We in Australia have it BUT it is being turned off next year because there are new and faster mobile technologies out there. I am surprised that Apple haven't put 3G into the phone, but like Steve said in one of his interviews there is battery talk time issues with 3G handsets. I for one am hoping that by the time we get the iPhone in Australia it will have 3G.

Other reason is that if the iPhone where CDMA with EVDO you could pretty much only use it in the US. At least with a GSM phone you can take it overseas. That is a benefit and I think Steve Jobs sees that. So to sum up, Apple wanted a phone that could be used oversea's, had good battery life and had reasonable data speeds. To me EDGE is the best solution for time being anyway. Just be thankful it's not GPRS (slower than dial-up, for those who don't know what it is)

I for one can't wait to get one. Even if it has edge, data rates are far to high anyway. So it's wifi for me.



Is there in an RSS feed for any of your news articles? A feed would be helpful. Thanks!

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