Editor's Blog: Of Mice, Men & General Anxiety Over Various & Sundry Backup Schemas: Take 2

Editor's Blog: Of Mice, Men & General Anxiety Over Various & Sundry Backup Schemas: Take 2


There were some who had originally posited that the problem with modern culture was that it systematically reduced our mass. This reduction of mass – from stacks of LPs, or records, as they were once called, to CDs, from dictionaries to dictionary.com – has created this low grade anxiety that permeates our lives and ranks right up there as a stressor to rival fear of bad parking spaces and woefully inadequate health care coverage. That is: the fact that everything is getting smaller, and cooler, easier, and cooler, more streamlined, and cooler, might not be working to our advantage and it makes us uncomfortable.


If only.


Because from my vantage point as a not-so-recent-but-previously-non-participating resident of Backuptonia, what’s making me uncomfortable is that I’m muddling through nothing of the kind. And by nothing of the kind I mean the kind of redundancy that sets a lie to that whole mass reduction bit right quick. Digging deep into the shoebox so I can organize a sane procedure for, get this, backing up my back up, I start with the Jaz drives, then Zip drives, then my sucker-for-branding LaCie-F.A. Porsche hard drive, various thumb drives, rewritable CDs and DVDs (marked with the correct listing info and everything).


Seems to be an argument in favor of a nice and nicely automated .Mac Backup sub, right? Right. Except, and this is actually where the mass reduction anxiety kicks in, it seems kind of, um, weird to me. Like stopping by Steve’s house with a box of love letters and a note, “here, hold these for me will you?” And if you haven’t already guessed it: I am riven with anxiety. Poisoned mushrooms, loose toaster wires, obsolescence, just about everything.


So yeah I know you can use Backup without doing the .Mac thing but since this is alllllll about creating greater ease in the face of the twin engines of anxiety – losing everything and its corollary of finding nothing – I am on board. Backup at home is happening as I’m writing this. It’s happening as you read this. So all of our problems are solved right? Those being ME having to write about my terminal travail to mitigate my misery and YOU having to read it?


Of course not. Because, now even with the automated backup I, like the guy whose one brush with death and glimpse at mortality causes him to go out and buy life insurance, flight insurance, death and dismemberment while in flight insurance, am going to willfully OVERcompensate.


Which is how I found my way to SMARTReporter. While it might be the software equivalent of the dummy lights on your dash, telling you what you know after it’s too late to do anything about it, I’m banking on the possibility that knowing that my hard drive is about to crap out before it actually craps out is something that might help. And that’s what this does. It’ll send you an email. It’ll display a warning note. And the status of my precious hard drive can now be constantly and continually displayed.


So now I watch. And wait. Enjoying an anxiety free moment.


Right up until I start to think about what the hell I’m going to do with 1000 blurry digital photos that probably shouldn’t be saved anyway.




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