Editor's Blog: Recipes Online - Rik Recommends 47 Places to Find Good Eatin' on the Web

Editor's Blog: Recipes Online - Rik Recommends 47 Places to Find Good Eatin' on the Web


Personal Sites

Like many personal recipe sites, Mimi's Cyber Kitchen has plenty of personality.


While submission sites draw from the expertise of their many visitors, personal sites - those with recipes compiled by a single cook - are, well, more personal.


A Spoonful of Sugar
The hostess of this site confesses that "I make bread if I am in a bad mood. Thumping dough around is very therapeutic!" She also provides a high percentage of baking and chocolate recipes.
Focus: Broad range
Sample: Beef Stifado with Rosemary Roasted Potatoes


Awesome Chef Recipes
While this collection may not be as awesome as its name suggests, it has the unique feature of providing its recipes and instructional articles in English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.
Focus: Broad range
Sample: Classic Sauted Sole Meuniere


Chronicles of a Curious Cook
Many of the recipes in this interesting site are take-offs on recipes published elsewhere - and, yes, they're all credited appropriately.
Focus: Broad range:
Sample: Grandma Alice's Baked Chicken


Frank's Recipes
I'll just quote Frank: "As a Chef for over 30 years, I have amassed an extensive collection of recipes. My Recipe Archive now contains over 23,000 recipes and growing." The sie also includes Includes a "Volume Cooking" section with recipes for up to 100 servings, plus how-tos, a culinary dictionary, extensive online catering course.
Focus: Broad range
Sample: Vealburgers for 100


Mimi's Cyber Kitchen
This moderate-size personal recipe collection also includes how-tos and other writings, plus a large set of Web links.
Focus: Broad range
Sample: Carrot and Leek Soup


Reluctant Gourmet
A fairly large site that adds a blog, videos (Windows Media Player required), how-tos, gear discussions, and more to its recipes.
Focus: Broad range
Sample: Maple Shallot Vinaigrette


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Here is another great one:



Eddie Rogers


You omit one of the best family of sites: http://www.americastestkitchen.com/ and the associated cooks.illustrated and cooks.country sites.

These are terrific for the novice and the pro.



Now if only I could get my Mac to do some cookin'! I guess it's good enough that it can help me get to these sites!

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