Editor's Blog: Recipes Online - Rik Recommends 47 Places to Find Good Eatin' on the Web

Editor's Blog: Recipes Online - Rik Recommends 47 Places to Find Good Eatin' on the Web


Compendia (continued)


The Food Network: There's far, far more to life than Emeril.


bbc.co.uk Food

Foregt all those jokes about boiled everything - this British site has some killer stff, including chef's blogs featuring 51 different chefs.
Focus: Broad range
Sample: Mince and Tatties


Here's an eclectic collection from a wide range of commercial contributors. For example, they've got recipes from The Catfish Institute, Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk, and Omaha Steaks.
Focus: Broad range
Sample: Catfish With Spicy Fireworks Rub


"Our easy-to-follow restaurant recipes have been submitted by some of the finest chefs across the United States." Take a look - they're not jiving.
Focus: Broad range
Sample: Sea Scallops With Basil Beurre Blanc


Food Network.com
This is a huge and thorough companion to the popular cable network, containing recipes, gear discussions, travel, how-tos, celebrity chefs, and hella more.
Focus: Broad range
Sample: Colcannon


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Here is another great one:



Eddie Rogers


You omit one of the best family of sites: http://www.americastestkitchen.com/ and the associated cooks.illustrated and cooks.country sites.

These are terrific for the novice and the pro.



Now if only I could get my Mac to do some cookin'! I guess it's good enough that it can help me get to these sites!

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