Editor's Blog: Roman Wants Apple to End His Suffering

Editor's Blog: Roman Wants Apple to End His Suffering


This is killing me.


It's been, what, over two months since Mac Expo? Two months of nothing much from Apple - a new AirPort Extreme, and nothing much else. An OS update here, a QuickTime update there, toss in an iTunes update. But that's not enough.


Part of the problem is that nothing new shipped at Mac Expo. Nothing available to satisfy my need for new Apple stuff. Don't get me wrong, I was just as hypnotized by the iPhone as the next fellow, but iPhone won't get here until June, and the media's iPhone spin got old fast. And can you really, really get excited by a Wi-Fi base station? Well, maybe you can, but talking about eight-syllable WiFi protocols tends to make most people's eyes glaze over right before they change the subject. "Hey, what about that iPhone?" Argh!


The other part of the problem is that Steve Jobs proclaimed that 2007 was to be a big year for Apple. And by the end of the year, he'll be correct. But do we really have to wait until June for the party to start?


Apple, you need to do something. Please. Help a Reviews Editor out, man.


I need just a little hit of something. How 'bout an iLife upgrade? Or that much rumored spreadsheet for iWork? That should get me through April. And I know that whatever you guys plan to do on the Ides of April should get me through the middle of May. Then I'll jump on the iPhone hypewagon again - after all, I've been waiting for it for a long, long time.


I'm hoping an Apple TV appears on my front porch next week. That would make me, my reviews schedule, and several thousands of Apple fanboys very happy. For a while. then we'll be ready for the Next Big Thing.


Just a little something. Please?




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Well the Iphone is taking up alort of their time. At least if I can believe what Toups is tellling me.



You took the words right out of my mouth, seriously. I mean, is it just because they changed their name to Co. Instead of Computer Co., that from now on we are gonna have to get used to this madness?! Come on Steve, Give us something...Anything that is Mac Related!




Roman... you're a big fat Cry Baby!......LOL....

BTW... I'm starting to save my pennies for the new iPhone....

Take care,


Dave Barnes


I agree.

1. I am ready to buy (on behalf of friends) a Mac Mini.

2. I am ready to buy a Mac Pro.

3. I am ready to buy a larger monitor. Something between 23 and 30.

4. I am ready to buy a new MacBook.




My girlfriend needs to replace that year and a half old PowerBook G4 12" The MacBook is great but just a bit too big and not enough graphics memory for her. Need that MacBook Pro Mini or something. But we are willing to wait.



Its really amazing to me, every Mac dude I speak to would buy a 12" Macbook Pro this instant if it is released, yet.. Nothing.




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