Editor's Blog: Roman's Favorite Flickr Tools

Editor's Blog: Roman's Favorite Flickr Tools


I used to post my own photo albums on my Web site, but I grew weary of the Web page construction. Then I found Flickr, and I was quickly hooked on its ease of use, reliability, community, and most importantly, its organizational tools for your photos. Sure, I conceded some control since my photos aren't on my site, but I've been nothing but satisfied during the years I've used Flickr.


(But Roman, you say, you can use iWeb to make your photo albums. Sorry, but I'm not a fan of iWeb's inflexibility.)


Here are four of my favorite Flickr tools. If you simply use Flickr to store and display photos, give these tools a try. You'll find that there's more to your photos than the memories you have while you peruse them.


PicLens is a Safari plug-in that works with Flickr, Facebook, Photobucket, Google Images, Yahoo Images, and Ask.com Images. When you're perusing pics on one of these sites, you can just click on the lower left corner of a pic, and your Mac instantly goes into the PicLens viewer, allowing you to see the pic and others in the related photo album in full-screen mode.


Retrievr tries to match your sketch to a Flickr image.


With retrievr, you sketch an image, and retrievr finds the images in Flickr's most interesting section that matches your sketch. The results seem to be either spot on or completely random. It's still fun.


Flickr Uploadr
Stop uplaoding photos six at a time. You can upload several dozen at once, and tag them all with keywords, sort them in sets, and add titles and captions. 1001 is another good batch uploader, with more features.


Flickr Finder
This utility is an excellent way to find pictures in your Flickr account, your Flickr contacts, or your Flickr groups. It uses a Finder-like interface to sift through photos, and when you find the the pic you want, it opens the appropriate Flickr page in your web browser.


More Flickr tools

fd's Flickr Toys

Flickr Services

Flickr Tools on Flickrbits

The Great Flickr Tools Collection


Got a favorite Flickr tool or service? Let me and other readers know about it by posting in the comments section below.





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It's a new free tiny tool with which you can upload pics from your desktop or somewhere else to flickr with one click. Beside this it has a lot of other functions.
I find it is quite helpful.For more informations check out their homepage



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I use iPhoto to manage all my photos and when I want to share some of them on Flickr I use FlickrExport. It has all the functionality you mentioned Flickr Uploader has, but with the added convenience of working within iPhoto. Simple select the photos you want to share and choose "Export" from the menu. Then you can edit tags, fix descriptions and titles, share to sets, etc.



One of the best ways I find of interacting with my Flickr is using the browser Flock. You set it up in your accounts prefs to give access to your Flickr account and your blog if you wish.
Now you can have your pics on a top scrolling window all the time. Then, when you open your blog window in Flock, you can just drag and drop images right into your blog!
It also lets you keep other accounts such as a Photobucket one, or other blogs. I use PB for common used images used in blogging.
Try Flock out. It's very fast and very Mac like.

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