Editor's Blog: Special Event Rumor, 802.11n, and More

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Editor's Blog: Special Event Rumor, 802.11n, and More


This year's Mac Expo keynote was exceptional for what it announced (We trust you've heard about the iPhone and Apple TV, yes?), but almost as exceptional was all the stuff it didn't even mention: new Macs, no more Leopard details, no updated software suites. Well, the wait for that information may be over soon. Citing an anonymous tip, Apple Recon claims that Leopard, iLife '07, iWork '07, and the next version of the Mac Pro will be unveiled at a special event February 20. (The rumor didn't mention anything about a new line of MacBook Pros, which may include LED backlighting technology for brighter, more evenly colored screen displays.) We'll let you know when we hear anything from Apple, which of course won't happen until the company is good and ready.


Speaking of things that take time, draft version 1.10 of the 802.11n Wi-Fi specification has been approved; the good news is that it's compatible with pre-802.11n products made by Apple and other companies, after a software upgrade. Reports that Apple plans to charge owners of Core 2 Duo machines for that upgrade have led to criticism, and other reports that the company will charge Tiger users for the final version of Boot Camp once it's released alongside Leopard (which will include Boot Camp as part of the OS) haven't helped the situation. Is this just a smart accounting tactic, or does it have ramifications for the free-upgrade model? We'll be watching this story as it develops further.


Onto some lighter questions, will the iPhone have games? Is Google developing a competing device called the Switch? How freakin' cool is this Nintendo Wii laptop? And just for fun, here are Business 2.0's 100 Dumbest Moments in Business for 2006.




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