Editor's Blog: Susie's Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down

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Editor's Blog: Susie's Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down


Today's blog post is going to be a bit on the freeform side, because we're hard at work on our spectacular May issue. (And between us, let me admit that sometimes I get confused momentarily between what month it is at work and what month it is in the real world.) It's gonna be a doozie, but only if I get the cover story, which covers a whopping 50 ways to integrate your beloved Mac into your daily life, edited on time.


So today I give you Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down.


Thumbs Up: The Mac|Life forums!
Are you on the forums? You should be. I know Internet message boards aren't for everyone, since even the best ones seem to still have flaming, jerky behavior, and immaturity -- at least sometimes. But in my time on our forums I've been highly impressed with the knowledge, helpfulness, and goodwill of the community; the dedication of the moderating team; and the handy organization. Click on over for a wealth of information on Macs, and hearty discussion on practically anything else. My favorite topics of the last week or so:


Thumbs Down: The RIAA!
Saw this on Wired's Listening Post blog today: The RIAA has set up a site at p2plawsuits.com for people accused of illegally sharing music online to settle their cases outside the court system. In other words, you can pay them so they don't sue you. Coincidence that this is coming out after a judge ordered the RIAA to pay the legal fees of a defendant who was found not guilty? Yeah, probably not. Boo, RIAA, and boo, anyone who gives up your right to due process when you don't have to.


Thumbs Up: Ease of Use!
Kind of an abstract thing to rave over, but I gotta tell you, lately I've had more and more occasions to recognize just how great truly easy-to-use technology is. I love my Mac, but I hadn't had a reason to fire up iWeb until last week, when I got a website up and running in no time. And it was the little things that struck me the most: I'd Alt-Tab to Firefox and copy a URL of a page I wanted to link. Then I'd Alt-Tab back to iWeb, select the Link Inspector, and poof, the link would be pasted into the correct box automatically. Saved me two or three clicks each time, and that adds up. My fiance got me an AirPort Express with AirTunes for my birthday; the hardest part of getting it set up was dragging our heavy stereo receiver to the edge of the shelf so we could plug an optical cable into the back. Five minutes, no exaggeration, and we were done. And it's not just Apple products that are rocking my world with their elegant simplicity. Some of the staff gamers had a Nintendo Wii in the break room the other day, and I got totally into a game of Wii Sports Tennis despite never having picked up a Wii controller before. (And now I want one.) Yes, gadgets are getting more complimacated all the time, so cheers to the people who can make 'em so simple to use that you practically forget how advanced they are under the hood.


Thumbs Down: The Apple TV delay!
Like the song may be altered to say, "I want my Apple TV." Yes, I realize that delays happen all the time and for various valid reasons, but that doesn't mean that my bratty inner child isn't stomping her metaphysical feet and whining, "But I want it NAH-AAH-OWW!" (I'm sure you realize how only the champion whiners can add extra syllables like that.) I'd give another thumbs down to Apple's infernal secrecy (we didn't find out about the delay until Monday, and we were hoping to have our review of the Apple TV done by then, so now it will run in June, although we'll have updates here at MacLife.com between now and then...and when the heck is Leopard coming out anyway?), but then again, the mystery kind of makes it fun. Kind of.


Honorable mention shout-outs: Big ups to the nice people at M-Audio, the guys who make my vegetarian burritos, the Gulf of Alaska, and the wonderful Ami Gandhi and Dan Krop. Got your own thumbs up and thumbs down? Hit up the comments!




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