Editor's Blog: Who Runs the iPod Now? Eugene Runs the iPod Now

Editor's Blog: Who Runs the iPod Now? Eugene Runs the iPod Now



I am a scoffer. By nature. While some scoffers are unlimited in their scoffability and exercise it at all and sundry I prefer to limit my scoffing to things I imagine I know something about, which also translates to, thusfar, “things that I like.” And only in the presence of information that diverges from my voluminous understanding of whatever it is I’m claiming to know something about will I level The Scoff. Because, you see, even the worst bowling degenerate believes that he/she knows something about bowling simply because they BOWL. Badly. And I’m probably just as guilty but my field of endeavors are limited to the obscure and ignored and so imagine my shock when the whole Apple juggernaut intruded on my little physical fitness-Jack LaLannesque world with THIS:


Nike Shoes To Be iPod-Compatible


You have got to be kidding? (The Scoff, a good one at least, starts out like this.) It wasn’t enough I guess that every single appliance known to humankind is being Frankensteined into some sort of Swiss Army nightmare device where phones can be used as fondue forks that let you take pictures of aforementioned fondue before uploading them to a Live Fondue wiki? I guess that wasn’t enough so now some genius has invented an iPod shoe that every quarter mile I’ll have to stop, sit down and bend my foot up to check?!?!


When, oh, when will they leave us alone…?


…Finish that with a theatrical flourish and flounce of the forearm and you have an almost perfect scoff.


Until you read a little further.


“In the Nike + iPod technology, a sensor called 'Nike Plus' is attached to the shoes, which allows runners to track their time, distance, pace, and the amount of calories burned with the Apple iPod.”


Ohmigod. THIS is genius. (Damn. I gotta work on that whole RESISTING thing). You mean I don’t have to sit down and take my shoe off to exercise my entirely ludicrous desire to quantify every single aspect of my athletic life? Fantastico. And as much as I wish this were an extended sarcastic Scoff, I actually, really, totally believe this to be of use to both me and other lunatic exercisers.




Because right now I’m using a Target-purchased Armitron that stores the length of my desire to sprint uphill with a bag of gravel clutched tightly to my chest but nothing else. I mean just think of how cool it’d be to be able to track time, distance, pace and caloric burn from run to run, month to month and year to year. For me, it’d be an invaluable tool in measuring what I expect would be my inevitable and eventual decline. I could watch, in purely exact increments, age get the better of me and I could thrill to it happening slower versus faster.


Yeah yeah…go ahead and scoff…it's been out six months already, there's better stuff out there, blah blah blah...I still want a pair.


Damned straight.



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It has actually been out for about 8 months (announced last May) but it picked up massive traction around Christmas. I know of five people, including myself that have purchased one in the past few months and everyone loves it. It isn't just about tracking what you do. It is about the feedback from your iPod and the great features of the website. You will love this device.



In my opinion, Apple TV should support for more video formats (for which we do not need any helps from video converter) and include personal video recording functions also.


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