Entourage and iPhone Play Nice

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Entourage and iPhone Play Nice


> iTunes
> Entourage
> iPhone


1. Sync Your Entourage Contacts with Address Book

To get your Entourage contacts into Address Book, launch Entourage and go to Entourage > Preferences. In the left pane under General Preferences, select Sync Services. Then select the checkbox for “Synchronize contacts with Address Book and .Mac.” If you have multiple Entourage address books, select the one you want to sync in the pull-down menu.



After you click OK, you are asked about which direction you want to sync. Entourage confusingly uses the term Sync Services -- just replace those two words in your head with Address Book (and .Mac). Select the first option if you want to replace your Address Book contacts with your Entourage contacts. Select the second option if you want to replace your Entourage contacts with your Address Book contacts. The third option merges your Entourage and Address Book contacts. Click OK.




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D. Goldstein

I spent a frustrating weekend trying to make this work. The trick is using the latest versions of programs--not just iTunes but Entourage as well. I was using Entourage 11.3.3 and it would get hung up and spin forever, or sync recurring and all-day events but nothing else. Once I updated Entourage, it worked. A reminder to update would have been helpful.

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