Eve Online Tips & Tricks

Eve Online Tips & Tricks

EVE Online has more than 5,000 star systems to explore.


EVE Online ($19.95 to start, then $14.95 per month to play, www.eve-online.com) is a complex, ever-evolving, futuristic MMORPG where you pilot one ship in a harsh universe with about 200,000 other players. You can attack or be attacked anywhere, at any time—and you can’t depend on the local authorities to help. By forging corporations (guilds) with other players and sticking to these hints, you won’t just survive EVE, you’ll be a parsec closer to true universal domination


Money isn’t everything: Skills are more important than wealth in EVE.


If a deal sounds too good to be true, you’re probably being scammed. It’s all part of the game.


Make sure to update your clones. If you die, you lose all the hard-earned skills you acquired since the last time you bought a clone. You lose cybernetic implants whether your clone was up to date or not.


Consider everyone hostile until you gain more experience with the social aspects of EVE. That player innocently mining nearby might actually be planning to rob and/or kill you.


Always have a location to a different system set in your autopilot. If you get into danger, you can run very quickly at the push of a button.


Get some Warp Core Stabilizers to avoid being warp jammed (enemies use warp scramblers to prevent a fast escape), and an auto-scanner to alert you to potential threats.


The useful “Ships destroyed in the last hour” filter (shown on your map) is useful in helping you avoid areas that dangerous players who prey on others.




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