Evernote Makes Sure You Never Forget!

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Evernote Makes Sure You Never Forget!

They say an elephant never forgets, but I bet even the brainiest pachyderm would have trouble keeping up in the modern world.


Enter Evernote, a Web 2.0 site that's similar to Backpack, but just a little smarter. The primary purpose of Evernote is to enable you to capture and save tidbits of digital info in an organized, searchable collection that’s accessible from any Web browser. The smartness of Evernote lies in its ability to index your collection of notes (which you create by clicking New Note, giving it a name and pasting the contents of the Clipboard into it.) If you want to search the contents of your notebooks, just type the keywords into the search bar and click Search. When you click on individual notes, the keywords will be highlighted in yellow—so cool.


Evernote is a sweet way to keep track of stuff you might normally jot down on random Post-its or just try to remember, usually without much success. It’s a smart way to share digital ifo, too. You could, for example just create one Evernote user account for everyone in your family (or even a workgroup) to share. The site is still in beta. Visit Evernote.com to sign up to receive your free invitation to join.


Our family isn't visiting Maui until September, but I'm already thinking about where to scope out the freshest sushi. When I search for Maui menus in Evernote, it highlights all the instances of the phrase in my Maui notebook, so I can easily find the note I saved that houses Maui restaurant menus.




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