Expo First Look -- Axiotron Modbook

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Expo First Look -- Axiotron Modbook


Last year, Axiotron announced its intention to create a third-party Apple tablet. 361 days later, the tablet began shipping on December 31st.


Robbie checks out the tablet with his less than stellar handwriting and draws his favorite star, the Sun.


The Modbook starts at $2,279.


Look for a full review in Mac|Life Magazine and on MacLife.com.





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Steve Jobs

Just wait until you see what we're releasing at WWDC...


Jow Blow from Cocomo

I miss the old MacADDICT :(
Maclife, both the Mag and the site, are just sad now.



What's the deal, everybody is so pessimistic around here, that doesn't seem very "macaddict" to me...



The video I watched was just as long as the advertisement I had to watch before the video.

That's just plain annoying...

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