Expo First Look -- Griffin PowerDock

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Expo First Look -- Griffin PowerDock


If you're like me, your collection of iPods has grown. It started with one and now I have four iPods kicking around my home. An army of iPods within their docks populate my desk.


The Griffin PowerDock attempts to wrangle your iPod menagerie with a two and four iPod dock solution in a nicely designed package. The PowerDock ships in March and will set you back $50 and $70 for the PowerDock 2 and PowerDock 4, respectively.


Look for a full review in Mac|Life Magazine and on MacLife.com.



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Does anyone know if these will sync your iPod or are they simply "charging bases" as seen in the photo?



Chris asks a very important question.
Having worked with a guy years ago who now is in product design at Griffin, my bet is if syncing is possible with this, they’ll find an elegant way to implement it.

The immediate issue I see is which iPod, out of two or four, will your Mac (or non-Mac) know to sync with. Things could get dicey if iTunes suddenly has four ‘Pods all asking for attention.

Please understand that I have not spoken to my former co-worker about this, nor any other griffin product and I have absolutely no special insight into any given device’s feature set.



Is there a workaround to include a 2nd Gen Shuffle in these docks? If so, life would be complete.


Julia Hughan

Yes, now my iPod obsession can be justified by one uber docking station!

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