Expo First Look -- MacSpeech Dictate

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Expo First Look -- MacSpeech Dictate


If you had to choose between typing on your Mac and talking to it, I think the choice is pretty apparent.


MacSpeech Dictate is aiming to replace typing with the spoken voice. In addition to writing the words you speak, the program can use script packs that you can utilize to add spoken commands to your favorite applications. For example, within Photoshop you can call out the tool you want to use and the application will choose that tool without using our hands.


MacSpeech Dictate is expected to ship in mid-February.


Look for a full review in Mac|Life Magazine and on MacLife.com.



To download this video to add to iTunes for viewing on an iPod with video, right click here and choose, Save link as.../Download linked file, depending on which flavor of browser you are using.


REQUIREMENTS: QuickTime 7.0 or later.



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thank you ar..is niceH
شات صوتي, دردشه صوتيه, شات مصريه, شات دردشة دردشه دردشة موبايل شات دردشه



I bought 'Dictate' and have had a NIGHTMARE trying to get it to work - to no avail and despite several fruitless conversations with the customer service team. The program only works in itself - and spits out scrambled rubbish in all other programs... a problem that is WELL KNOWN and mentioned various blogs and forums... but a problem that the MacSpeech CS Team allegedly know nothing about! Poor show. I cannot advise anyone to buy this product.


Toby McHiggens

I Want This Thing. It Looks Cool and Faster That Hour Long Typing



I saw it earlier this week. It really is something. I expected it to print out a word at a time as you speak, but you say a full sentence and boom, the whole sentence pops up on your screen immediately. I want it too!

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