Expo First Look -- OtterBox Armor Series iPhone Case

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Expo First Look -- OtterBox Armor Series iPhone Case


OtterBox is known for its rugged cases.


Robbie tried out their Armor Series iPhone case with the Mac|Life iPhone. If things go wrong, he's in big trouble.


The OtterBox Armor Series iPhone case is $69.95.


Look for a full review in Mac|Life Magazine and on MacLife.com.




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That case is amazing! It protected the iPhone from the immense shock of hitting the carpet!



Lol. Yeah I thought the same thing. He simply tossed it on the carpet. It would have been fine without the case. When he said he was going to throw it, that's what I thought he'd do...onto a hard surface. I'm sure the case works great. My isn't that beefy and works good, but still, make it realistic during the testing!


Roberto Baldwin

I threw that thing pretty hard against the floor. we had to decide whether to video the throw or the impact. We decided on the impact. I'm pretty sure if it wasn't in the case, I would have seriously messed up the iPhone.

The carpet they have on the show floor is pretty thin without any padding, the same protection as a thin welcome mat. It covers a concrete floor.

Earlier that day, I threw one across the press room at Moscone. Unfortunately, I couldn't do that on the crowded showroom floor.


Jay Helms

I agree Baldwin!! If you look at the impact shown in slow motion you can tell that it was thrown, not lightly dropped. If it was just "dropped" it would not have rolled over the multiple times that it did. I have dropped my iPod in it's case before and it stayed in the spot where it had landed. I think you done good, lol!!



everybody finds it necessary to be a jerk online....

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