Expo First Look - The Continental Companion Cables

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Expo First Look - The Continental Companion Cables


If you travel abroad you know that using a power converter is a pain. It's an additional item in your notebook bag, and if you try plugging your power block directly into the converter, the weight of both bulky devices causes an eventual fall.


Incipio's The Continental companion cables aim to reduce the extra periphial from your bag while creating a solution to the loose power outlet that drops your power brick.


For $34.95, you get five 12-inch world adaptor cables plug directly into your Apple notebook power brick and cover North America, Japan, China, United Kingdom, Continental Europe, Korea, Australia and Hong Kong. Just grab the appropriate cables for the appropriate countries.



The cables also solve an issue encountered by our UK sister site, MacFormat.


Look for a full review in Mac|Life Magazine and on MacLife.com.



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