EyeTV Hybrid

EyeTV Hybrid

Just plug it into a USB port and watch TV on your Mac.


Your Mac does so many things so well. Here's one more: It can play and record your favorite television shows. By inserting the EyeTV Hybrid into a USB 2.0 port, connecting an antenna or cable box, and installing the EyeTV 2 software, you can have instant TV on your Mac, including high-definition TV shows. Even better, you can record the shows directly to your Mac's hard drive.


The EyeTV's program-guide software resembles the onscreen guides for cable or satellite TV. To record a show, you locate it in the guide and click the red Record button. If you're used to TiVo's onscreen interface, you're probably going to rankle at the relative dumbness of the EyeTV software. For example, you can record Desperate Housewives every Sunday night, but the software can't avoid repeat episodes. And if the show's not on, it will record whatever is broadcast in its place at the same time. Also, you can't record two shows at once. To receive HD, you need a dual-processor G5 or Intel Core Duo Mac, and it can only handle digital content over the air, not through cable or satellite.


Still, the EyeTV Hybrid does offer you the option to waggle your tongue at the iTunes Store, since it lets you export shows to view on your video iPod or in a format you can work with in iMovie HD and Toast.


Exports took a while on our dual 2GHz Power Mac G5: about 90 minutes for a 30-minute, 1.5GB show. But the shows displayed beautifully on our 5G iPod. You can even use the software's rudimentary editing tools to hack out commercials. The freedom to watch any shows we want on our iPods - for free - is worth it.


Though you can pause and resume digital television, you can't do so while watching analog TV. You must record those shows and watch them later to gain navigation capabilities. We also ran into a few blips when multitasking. We tried watching a recorded show while checking email, for example, and while exporting and recording other programs. Occasionally, the audio disappeared or the signal would go out.


The bottom line. Despite some of the EyeTV Hybrid's quirks, it works instantly and easily - we just hope the software's shortcomings can be addressed in future versions.


COMPANY: Elgato Systems
CONTACT: www.elgato.com
PRICE: $149.95
REQUIREMENTS: G4 or Intel Core Solo or faster (dual G5 or Intel Core Duo or faster required for HD), Mac OS 10.4 or later, 256MB RAM, built-in USB 2.0 port, Internet connection
Enables you to watch and record over-the-air digital content. Exports to iPod.
Scheduling software lacks TiVo-esque features. Some quirky behavior.





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Hi there,

I would give anything to talk with someone who can help me trouble shoot how to improve the video quality of my new eyetv. I have eyetv3 and a new imac, and digital cable. All combined that should equal digital quality video (which is essentially crystal clear). But my live tv looks like it's coming from an antenna - the colors are jumping all around.

I've already gone to Preferences

The problem may be that in the eyetv setup -- the only choice is: 1) analog antenna, 2) analog cable 3) digital antenna. I have none of those- I have digital cable. So, I've chosen analog cable.

I also read somewhere that if your cable provider amplifies your signal you may have to adjust the gain -- but I have no idea how to do that.

Tech support at eyetv is non-existant. They have no phone support and I have been told that my request of email support has a waiting period of at least 4 days.

If there is anyone out there who could help me, please email me at dilee1000@yahoo.com

Can't thank you enough!!!




Went and bought the HDTV stick version in Australia yesterday. EPG (Electronic Program Guide) doesn't work despite signing up about four times and running through the setup program (and agreeing to terms & conditions) eleven times. Antenna doesn't feed enough juice although it shows around 60%-65% signal in the toolbox resulting in the "No Signal" notification. Even connected to my high-gain digital external antenna HDTV (in Australia at least) is showing with a major lag (>half a second) between picture and sound making interviews etc. totally unwatchable.

My computer is a MacbookPro with Leopard, 2GB of memory, Intel dual-core 64bit series 2.4GHZ and nothing else running except the normal system stuff.

I will be demanding a refund. Use caution before buying this product for the latest Macbook Pro at least.



why don't you guys mention that the usb tv stick does show HDTV ATSC over the air which is free and better quality than satellite or cable HD content...!!!

sat and cable compress a little more than ATSC HD broadcast. this is a major issue when you watch HD a little closer and one can actually compare the sat/cable feed to ATSC feed.



Now, I just need to find an antenna that is portable and powerful to complete my set up. Any suggestions?


James W. Strickland MD

Suggest best portable antenna for use with my Mac laptop and eyeTV.

Thanks James W. Strickland MD



What is the best antenna for the eye tv for mac


James Archibald

Yes it has a few rough edges but mostly works just as promised. Doesn't like other processor intensive programs being used at the same time, though it usually stumbles through. Well worth the price to have easy to use video capture on the mac that would only be possible on a much more exepnsive hard drive video recorder. Neat and Mac friendly. What more could you ask for.


Allen Huffman

Though my Hybrid has some quirks (Elgato support has been very responsive and is replacing it), I've found it an acceptable solution to the "I just bought an HDTV and my analog TiVo is useless" problem. Though EyeTV software is nowhere near as nice as TiVo, it does the job and even works with my iMac's Apple remote. Very happy for the money.

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