Family Guy DVD for iTunes and Apple Pro Line Updates

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Family Guy DVD for iTunes and Apple Pro Line Updates


Play with the pros: Apple updated its Mac Pro tower and Xserve line today. The Mac Pro now possess 8-core across the board and the Xserve is packing a quad or 8-core Intel Xeon "Harpertown" processor. Both machines are available today on Apple's site.


Just like that time...: A lucky reader secured a Family Guy DVD before its official release on January 15th, which is coincidentally, the same day Steve Jobs gives his annual Keynote. The DVD contains a "Fox Digital Copy" of the animated film that is iTunes ready. The catch? It needs iTunes 7.6.


Bento is ready to go: Bento is available now. Avaiable for $49 for one license and $99 for the famiy license. The personal database program is Leopard only. Sorry Tiger users.


Apple tackles EU issue: Apple will take steps to resolve an iTunes pricing issue in the European Union. At issue, France pays less for iTunes tracks than other countries in the EU. You don't want to anger Luxembourg



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$49 for a single user... unless you are schizofrenic then you'd be stuck with the $99 Family licence



Bento single license is $49, not $99 right?

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