Fanboy Heaven in the Mailroom

Fanboy Heaven in the Mailroom

I walked by the mailroom today and a row of Mac Pro boxes caught my eye. I walked into the mailroom to see what was up. This is what I saw.


Um, are any of the boxes addressed to me?


There were 14 Mac Pros and 18 Apple Cinema Displays (or was it 18 Mac Pros and 14 Displays?). The mailroom guys didn't know who they were for, except that the company IT department ordered them.


Well, it was enough to make a fanboy drool. We'll see if I get one on my desk or not - IT wouldn't tell.




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It is heaven for the person who like to play the games. Ilike to play the games but i have to play them on the PSP game console. I is not bad at all. I also play games on my PC. By the way do you get one from them?



Hey look... if they can't decide what to do with those boxes, I can give you an address to send them! I will take all of them, or just one. I'm not picky!!



We are waiting to hear if you got one of the new Macs?



Don't know what's taking so long...


Andrew R.

I will work for free....or can I have an empty box?

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