100 Greatest iPhone Apps of 2009



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Reply by Livescores : Superbe article, vraiment simple et utile. Bravo pour sa mise en ligne. C’est ce genre d’information que le public (et moi en particulier) recherche.



that hire the unemployed. The get pregnant Senate could clear the weight loss measure for President Barack Obamas signature by Friday.



I'm surprised RedLaser did not make their list. This app is especially great for electronics. Scan the bar code and it finds cheaper prices online and around your area in seconds.
TIVO!!!-For all of us TiVo users out there that are on the couch and too lazy or can't find the remote, the iPhone has an answer. Pay 2.99 for "DVR Remote" and it does all your other remote does and you don't even need to point it! I love this damn app. I'll be on the pot and her something I don't want to miss, so I pull out my phone and pause it!



Like pandora yes.fm lets you listen over 3 million songs for almost every kind of music, and it works pretty well with a decent 3g network in town, like mine!! Besides you can go through several playlist from everybody very well classified by artists, genre, year, top playlist etc. And if you really like it once you subscribe wich cost arround 3 euro per month you can listen to the entire cd of your favorite artist. Or make playlist with more than 100 songs.



Speaking of Google Tasks, I wrote an app that does sync with Google Tasks - GeeTasks. As far as I know it's only app to do so, so it may deserve a honorable mention. http://www.geetasks.com



What a great list, I've added a few of these apps this evening.

For Twitter, I recommend the following apps: for reading, TweetDeck. For posting, Twittelator Pro. For many functions, the new HootSuite application, which also allows for delayed publication of tweets, along with the ability (on the web) to allow multiple people to access one Twitter account.

For music apps, I strongly recommend GuitarToolkit and ClearTune.

Mint.com is a fantastic app, I believe Gizmodo recommended it earlier today.

For "free" texting, our current choice is "TextNow" although we've also used TextFree Unlimited. Warning: TextNow is an additional $7.99 per iPhone/iPod Touch for "lifetime" texting; TextFree Unlimited is $5.99 per year, unless you want to allow advertising.

We also like FluentNews as a singular news source in my family; and we're all constantly going back to iQuarium, even though it's simply a digital pet concept and maybe stupid--but the graphics are great and we find ourselves going back to feed the fish every day. Go figure.

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