10 of the Best Apps in the Cydia App Store for a Jailbroken iPhone



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Pretty good ! But i still have a question : what's the name of this theme in black and white when you talk about winterboard? Thank you !



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Wi-fi sync can also completely screw up iTunes and prevent you from updating/restoring all (also non-jailbroken) devices, be careful!
Is Intelliscreen compatible with Whited00r custom firmware (iOS 3.1.3 based)???



Umm, rbbloom, you shouldn't write off Cydia based on your "G2 iPhone." Assume you mean 2G, which refers to iPod Touch models. If you meant the original iPhone, then that would be quite antiquated running iOS 3.1.3 at best, assuming you've updated the OS. Have you? If older than 3.1.2 you may run into issues. Or maybe you meant a 3G iPhone?? There are many apps that DO work, regardless of what iOS you are running. iOS compatibility can be found for apps either on their page in Cydia or through a quick Google search. More information for compatibility with the Intelliborn family of apps can be found on their web site.

Honestly it IS a bit confusing. On their download webpage it does NOT show compatibility with the original iPhone, only 3G and above. But on another one of their apps, MyWi, it shows basically being compatible with all iPhone devices. BUT the caveat is regardless of the app, they clearly state you must be running iOS 3.1.2 or higher. Are you??

Oh, and your $10? Intelliscreen came with a free trial!

All said, I use LockInfo on a 3Gs running iOS 4.0, which also came with a free trial. Awesome app.



After reading your article I got really excited to install Intelliscreen on my G2 iphone. So I successfully jailbroke my iphone and shelled out the $9.95 for Intelliscreen (this was more than I paid for all of my other iphone apps combined). And... it won't install :(

So my first (and last) Cydia experience cost me $10 bucks...



Orbit doesn't work for me on my 3G s running iOS 4. It sends me into safemode every tome I click an app. I uninstalled it and it fixed it. I hope they fix it.... I loved Orbit when I had 3.1.3



The winterboard theames only work for my iPhone 2g running 3.1.3. I can't get it to work on my iPhone 3Gs. I also think y'all should included BiteSMS and Orbit( iPhone Exposé)

Bite SMS allows you to reply without going into the SMS app. On the lockscreen or homescreen. Www.bitesms.com
Also extended preferences.

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