The 10 Best Geek Shows On TV Right Now



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And also would have known that part of the Dr. Who lore os the occasional "rebirth" of the Doctor as a different person. I gotta agree that this blurs sci-fi and geek. Galactica is a great show, but not geeky. The lack of techno-gobbledygook makes it almost anti-geek.

My biggest disappointment is NUMB3RS. It started out a serious geek show. With a background in higher-level maths I really loved the first season. Schroedinger's Cat was probably the least esoteric reference they made. I knew it was getting problematic when they fumbled using the "Prisoner's Dilemma" in the second year. Now it's just (good) cops and robbers, while Charlie babbles about different theories he can use to solve crime, while Don just does it through standard police work.

And I'm getting tired of waiting for Eureka! We were promised a February return, but now they say mid-summer. It better be damn good if we've waited that long.



Vegas, of course.

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A true Geek's laugh riot.Look Around You on The Cartoon Network's Adult Swim takes those science and futurism shows of the 70's and 80's, like Beyond 2000 and turns them on their heads.The shows all have that retro look from the faded video, to the clothes, to the cheesy computer titles and effects. It's all taken very seriously by the hosts and announcers even when they get their science horribly wrong.It is laugh-out-loud funny.



Who writes this stuff anyway?  I see a lot of conspiracy theory, sci fi nonsense and not much real science. Don't you have to love, y'know, actual science to be a geek anymore? For the best geek shows, my money is on:

1) Bones (Fox): There's some actual science on this who-done-it based on the Temperance Brennan novels by Kathy Reich. Lots of bells and whistles--an artist who programs complex computer simulations, puh-lease--but it's better than the fantasy that is science presented by most of the shows on this list. David Boreanaz taking his shirt off on a regular basis is a special plus for girl-geeks.

2) Good Eats (Food Channel): If you're a food science geek, or just a cooking geek, there is nothing remotely close to the kind of sound basic information you get from the venerable Good Eats. And no, the new pretender Food Detectives really doesn't measure up. Good Eats tells you why the process of making a particular food works and how it works as well as that it works. What could be more geeky?

3) Okay, okay, I'll spot you Mythbusters. They blow shit up. What more could a geek ask? Okay, okay, we could demand decent science. Mythbusters science is not always spot on, but they're entertaining.

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What about NUMB3RS?



I have to agree with the above comment that "Chuck" should definately be on the list. Great show.



Maybe you didn't care for it or just forgot, but The Big Bang Theory (Mondays on CBS) is hilarious. The title was off-putting to me but it's really just a sitcom about the culture clash between 4 nerds and the blond waitress/wanna-be-actress that lives across the hall from two of them. Diatribes about how Superman cleans his uniform and debugging a "friendship algorithm" make this show priceless.

P.S. You failed to convince me that 30 Rock is geeky. Funny, yeah; geeky, no.



I think it's inaccurate to call Dr. Who a reboot. Nothing about the basic premise of the show has been changed...the show was originally canceled by the BBC in 1989 and revived in 2003. While BBC had sought independent production companies to take over making the show, they were unsuccessful.

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