10 Reasons for Apple to Stay Small



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One of my reasons for switching was how stuff "just worked." But one of the reasons for that is simplicity; fewer drivers, less hardware variations, less code bloat. Its less like that than it used to be, and my Macbook is less quick than when I bought it, despite few upgrades.

I'd like so see a return to nimble, tightly written software like what made the early Macintosh able to do so much more than its competitors, often with lesser specs and smaller files.

And yeah, I guess it'd be nice if the company and user base stayed small for a few reasons- but I can't say I'd mind if my family/friends listened to me on the first bit of computer advice they asked me, instead of the dozens of frustrating Windows issues they later call me about.

There are now only two answers in my free tech support repository... "Buy a Mac" to the "help me pick out a computer" category of questions, and "I told you to buy a mac, why are you asking me more questions" for all others.


Scion of Tytehran

Personally, I loved the days of a smaller Apple but growth, it seems, was inevitable. My top reason for liking it small was simply that we had nearly zero threats from malicious nerds bent on the tedious harassment of the computing world. Have not you better things to do with your time than to be anti-social? The answer, it seems, is obvious.

My next to the top reason for liking it small concerns my methodology for converting the unwashed, Windoze masses. Slowly but with precious time and care I have been quietly converting my friends and family to the rewards and glory of all things Apple. To be certain I evangelize the safety and security we enjoy but, it is the sheer intuitiveness of OS X which has been my primary weapon of conversion choice.

"Don't you want to be able to just sit down at your computer and have things work without being vexed by the vagaries of Windoze?" To date, all people I consider important to my life have embraced a new iLife and would rather have an eye gouged out with a spoon rather than return to the Evil Empire @ Redmond!



Of course the article is a piece of fun and we all know that growth is really irreversible. But there is a really serious issue underneath. You all remember the days when everybody went around saying "Think Global, Act Local"? Now we need a new slogan specially for Apple - "Be Huge, Act Small". And in the old days there were people on Apple's payroll called "Evangelists". Maybe this job should be resurrected but switched around so that now they "evangelise" Apple management with the beliefs of us the true believers.



But it's the one thing that Adam Smith and Karl Marx agreed on, Capitalism must grow or die. The real problems have come with Apple's sudden growth, like when it was all hands on deck for the push to the iPhone launch, leaving Leopard to languish.

I also don't care much for the "switchers". They seem to complain a lot without looking at their manuals, the OSX Help system, or by looking online. I have also noticed a rise in mean-spiritedness on many of the Mac forums, since we got this load of switchers.

And Michael, you should have gone ahead and used the Patriots as your example. People did jump on that bandwagon, just as they are now jumping back off.



Don't be dissin on my Giants Simon..

The more, the merrier!


Michael Simon

Nothing personal, of course. But I didn't want to use two New England teams...


Emmett The Crab

Back then people hated Apple because it was the expensive platform that nobody uses, and they will be going out of business soon. Now they hate Apple because they perceive the company as a hollow shell with a lot of market savvy and no substance.

The people who bought the crappy Dells have to justify their purchase somehow.


John Pitko

heheh i remember those days :) with my performa and Oregon Trail



Nice, sort of thing that'll get all the other guys riled up again but I do miss the Apple of yesteryear a great deal. Sure, it'll never get smaller again and I think they're just too big right now but I want to be the smug Mac loving nerd again!

Was my thing, yknow.

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