10 Reasons NOT to Upgrade to Snow Leopard Right Away



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And it's not just ancient peripherals...my HP C6380, which is just one year old, isn't supported. No way to make it work. I am livid. This is what I switched to a mac ten years ago to avoid. I will never voluntarily upgrade a mac OS again.



First off, the primary difference between Leopard and Snow Leopard is that the kernel and many of the built-in apps are compiled as 64-bit. Without going into details of what this means, not only are these apps faster, but Apple's done a great job of making 64-bit apps more robust.Many of us have purchased an Intel Mac of some sort. And only the very first Intel Macs (the Core 1 Duo -- not the Core 2) are 32-bit. This happened within months of releasing the first of the dual core Intel Macs, so very few people are stuck with 32-bit processors. You much likelier either have the old PPC G4 processor, one of the IBM G5s, or if you have an Intel Mac, it's very likely 64-bit.One of the greatest improvements in Snow Leopard is that they FINALLY rewrote the Finder, which until now was still a Carbon piece of junk that faltered and hung and drove us all a bit nuts. It's much better now.The upgrade from Leopard to Snow Leopard was a whopping $29. Unlike other upgrades from major versions -- like say from Tiger to Leopard -- there was ZERO problems and it was utterly seamless. I was truly surprised at how transparent and effortless the upgrade was. I'm a power user, and I'd expected to have to make a lot of changes to handle the new OS.Finally, until you've tried the Exchange addition to Snow Leopard, maybe you shouldn't talk about it. For her work, my girlfriend begrudgingly uses Entourage simply because she's always felt there's no real option. Well, the fine morons at Microsoft managed to screw up Entourage 2008 so it wasn't properly handling calendar posts on the Exchange Server. So they brilliantly came up with a solution: post a new version of Entourage on the MS website and call it "Entourage 2008 Web Services Edition" and up the version number from 12.2 or whatever to 13.something. Anyway, sure, this fixed the calendaring, but now people using that POS can't receive new emails.Long story short, I took her laptop, started up Apple Mail.app, and within seconds it auto-detected the MS Exchange settings (without special Exchange Server setup). Not even Entourage could auto-detect the Exchange Server settings on either version, and so we had to manually set it up each time. But Apple Mail.app figured it out automagically, and auto-setup everything it needed for iCal as well, including being able to reserve conference rooms, etc. Apple really did an AMAZING job with their Exchange support. Don't let anyone try and scare you into thinking it won't work just because of their history with Exchange or the fact that Microsoft themselves can't seem to figure it out on a Mac.Snow Leopard absolutely rocks. It's faster, super reliable, and outside of Fink or MacOS Ports I've compiled myself, everything works flawlessly. In fact, the ONLY problem, if you want to call it that, is that InputManagers have to be 64-bit and must now live in /Library/InputManagers. But screw it... use the new SIMBL stuff that's out and 64-bit too.



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Unfortunately, I read this page after upgrading...

The upgrade CD is still in and the macbook pro seems not willing to start, ever !

Any idea ?



Man I feel for you bro....or who ever. I guess you must really love your job to endure the mean things people say. It's funny how we all have an opinion and that opinion seems to always put down the other person who disagrees.  Our reality is often based on our own experience in our little MAC World.  The only true facts of 10.6 will be seen on a massive scale as the months pass.  It's kind of nice to have a stable environment that is reliable and ultra simple to use.



The upgrade was very smooth. Answer one question and walk away.... took about 40 minutes on my MacBook Pro and a bit longer than that on my Mac Mini. I just made sure I was running the latest version of my applications and everything was working fine. I did have to uninstall/reinstall the Cisco VPN client (but then switched to the built-in one), and Parallels 3 doesn't work, but instead of upgrading to version 4 I switched to Sun's VirtualBox, which works great. Overall a very painless experience, and now I'm set for all future upgrades from Apple and my app vendors. Oh, I also got back 20+ GB of space in the process, which was a very nice bonus.




Was the first to purchase it at the apple store Friday morning!

I've never, ever had a problem upgrading to a new OS when it has first come out. Not even with any of the Windows Operating Systems.

This one by far is superior to Leopard. I've had no problems with Snow Leopard at all. Leopard was a little shaky and I couldn't wait till 10.5.1 but I haven't had any problems what so ever.

I love this new Cat. It's freaking fast!!!



I got it but it crashed my macbookpro but my iMac it was fine and it is pretty cool I like it more my MacBook isn't very good though If you want some new features then you should get it if you want



I have been chomping on the bit since the news came out of the release date for SL. But I think I might just wait until I upgrade my macmini to 10.6, or maybe not. I'm so perplexed.......



I disagree about not upgrading right away. My experience has been great so far. See the column below for details.

5 Reasons Why I Love Mac OS X Snow Leopard!



Upgraded yesterday and things are working well. I did have to make sure I was on the latest release of all my applications for Snow Leopard support (including upgrading from Parallels 3 to 4), and I had to reinstall my Cisco VPN client to get it to work again, but overall it as a very smooth transition on my 15" Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro.



dumping the 9,001 applications...ITS OVER 9,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!oneoneYeah... I caught it.



I happen to own one of those antiquated single-core Mac Mini's that is perhaps the most questionable of all of the supported platforms on which SL is to run. My wife is currently ranting and raving over the lack of version detection on the upgrade disc, but I'm holding firm to the ideal of waiting for at least a few weeks.

1) Wait to see if there's any complaint from another core solo user.
2) Find the $229 it's going to cost me (since I want the iLife and iWork upgrades and at least 2 of the 5 licenses)
3) Give me time to find the .dmg files of all of those apps I know and love so I don't have to wait to install them once I get my disc.



I have a Core Solo Mini that I retired after my mom - the original user of this machine - complained so much about how slow it was. I replaced it with a Core 2 Duo machine that ran much better. So when my Snow Leopard disk arrived I thought I'd give it a try on the pokey Mini. It turned it into a rather usable machine - much snappier performance! It may bog down again when or if I add more stuff but for now it looks useful again. I intend to use it as a juke box in my theater room. It should be fine for that simple application. 



No, darn it - Nothing's gonna make me NOT drive an hour each way tonight to go to an authorized Apple dealer that's opening from 12:01-2:00am to sell Snow Leopard. But I think I'll install it on an external drive and boot from it, adding my desired apps as they become compatible.



Ordered CD online last week as part of a upgrade agreement.
Now will have to wait all weekend until the new CD arrives.
Oh well, at least i will have a social life this weekend!


Roberto Baldwin

Social life this weekend has been officialy killed.

Brendan Bartholomew

...Mac software developers have this annoying habit of releasing apps, utilities, games and plug-ins that only work on the most recent release of OS X. So as much as we'd like to not upgrade, soon we will be forced to.

Don't believe me? Try finding useful software for any mac running 10.3 or 10.4. Not so easy, is it? It's only a matter of month before OS X 10.5.8 won't be current enough to run all the cool new stuff.

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