10 Reasons Why You Can't Always Rely on GPS on the iPhone



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Yes, I have experienced many of the shortcomings of GPS on my iPhone, but before I took a retirement I traveled to many parts of the world. If I had cell phone coverage, I had maps, although in non-English notations. Anyway, this simple App on my "won't get it out of my grasp" iPhone was great in so many places where before I had to have 5 to 10 pounds of maps. Here in the states, I don't even pick up free paper maps anymore.
I did find that the MapQuest App was helpful when I wanted to find a distance from a point on the map to where I am currently in a straight line distance. (Google maps, even in the pedestrian mode, routed me along the visible roads.)
Still, this article provided some info (and the posts) that could be useful in the future.
Thanks, all!



My iPhone has never been able to locate itself when I'm in the mountains, with a wi-fi connection (and no cell connection). I'd assumed that it could pull down maps and other data from Wi-Fi...but it's never worked that way. Thanks for the explanation.



Good and informative post. It has added a lot to my knowledge about the GPS systems in the world.
the weider x factor



1. Tall buildings:
Your statements (arguments if you will) are faulty. If a tall building is going to interfere with a gps signal- it will whether it is a gps enabled phone / iphone / or a nuvi. Most all modern GPS' will pick up a signal equally well and operate similarly in metropolitan areas. There is an argument that can be made- that aGPS (assisted) is better than pure GPS- it gets a quick assist from the cell towers to know where it is.

2. Network issues:
Your statements show a basic lack of information or knowledge.
When I was out of the country and w/o data coverage (my choice) the iphone GPS worked like a champ.. I just pushed the sim out to get an inital fix and then when maps had a fix- (w/i 1 minute) put the sim back in..

3. Battery: Yes GPS is a power hungry feature. That is what power adapters and mobile batteries are for.

4. Cost:
Again, you are misinforming your readers. While many popular GPS apps are expensive, many good one's are not. For example MotionX Driving apps are $2.99 and under.

5. Multitasking: If you are driving - you shouldn't be tweeting. It is against the law in many states and cities to be fiddling with your phone while driving....Keep your eyes on the road. Oh by the way the ipod app works great with the GPS apps.

6. Travel:
Again, you are misinforming your readers. Maps cache in the app- so before I leave I download maps for the areas I will be in and then it don't matter if I have a data connection or not.

7. Natural elements:
I am not even sure why I read this blog. There are so many inaccurate statements. If it is so inclement that the GPS signal is blocked. Well guess what- it will be blocked on a Garmin/Tom-Tom or your iPhone.

8. GPS integration with Nike + iPod:
Check out Map my Run/ Map my Ride/Map my Walk apps

9. Ergonomics:
Maps app is not a GPS Driving app. It is not meant to be- Google did not license turn-by-turn directions- therefore it is not necessary for landscape . MotionX apps/ Tom-Tom Navigon all go landscape.

10. Google’s feud with Apple:
Bing maps are pretty d*mn good. If it offends your mac sense to go with Bing- try OpenMaps - uses Open Source maps.

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