10 Reasons Why You Can't Have an iPad Right Now



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You said, "iPad is only as strong as its weakest app."Really? That is the most ridiculous statement I've ever heard. If the same thing were true of the iPhone then the iPhone would be pretty damn weak. Have you seen some of the truly craptastic apps available in the app store? It's a good thing for Apple that people don't judge devices this way and in fact, they do just the opposite. The iPhone is thought of as such an incredible device because of the best apps that are available for it.



It's an expensive piece of crap & you'd be better off with a netbook. Near £500 for the iPad, less than half that for a netbook with better features...This article gives good information on iPad. I really liked it.
Clean Whites



You know, I'm noticing a lot of similarities to what people said about the first iPod. It's too expensive, there's cheaper things available, it doesn't do enough, blah, blah, blah. And netbooks have better features? Really? Netbooks are the wimpiest devices ever. Sure it has problems, but what doesn't? I don't think that keeps it from being the awesomest thing ever. Still a good article, though. -Nick the Mac Geek



It would also give Steve time to put the finishing touches on NotePad Touch, so you could literally write your notes or Pages docs. Also they have to get the whole thing ready for the iSlate announcement later this year where they do away with the iBook and come out with a 13-15" iPad or better known as the iSlate which has full OS X and full handwriting capabilities along with the ability to load up X-Code in in fullest and use the iPad's keyboard or a bluetooth one... Next up the iMac that is inside the keyboard and uses a holographic image for the desktop...

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